Captain Feathersword

This is the content of a spam email that I received in February 2007. I’m not sure what it was trying to sell me. Some reading between the lines may be necessary to divine that. But it contains a number of striking phrases, most of them seemingly stolen from other websites – blogs, news and self-help. The cumulative effect is to create a found poem of dare I say ethereal beauty? No. But a found poem nonetheless.

I always suspected Captain Feathersword was the one that got passed around amongst the Wiggles like new meat on cell block A.

Johnson is a managing partner of Maximum Reimbursement, a practice management company.

By following the same kind of healthy borrowing practices that you had before your bankruptcy, you can slowly re-establish your credit rating.

this is my payment for letting him borrow The Sculptress by Minette Walters, The Alienist by Caleb Carr, and Lonesome freaking Dove, among others.

What if you’re house hunting and you just need a few extra points to bump you over the line to the great rates?

The Academy loves to think they really, like, feel your pain, man.

Access Error

Headline functionality has been disabled from your intranet.

Officials said X-rays had revealed banned products but would not give any further details.

I’m lending him Sam Harris’ The End of Faith next.

driving a pickup with a pair of truck balls.

For example, taking lunch to work instead of buying one will save quite a bit of money.

And yet, while you’ll find lots of advice about the practical aspects of debt management, there is precious little help available for the psychological side of things.

Annual percentage rates are another variable to keep in mind when applying for secured cards.

Here are some ways to get credit after bankruptcy.

And the sword of feathers.

They may specialize in these kinds of high risk loans.

I found it hilarious.

Schumacher to race in WSK?

Altman, who died in November, is also nominated for best director for A Prairie Home Companion.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Love Song,” by Tesla.

She was a better liberal than me: I don’t think I ever felt sorry for Nixon.

They constantly validate my feelings of genetic and intellectual superiority.

She was also ordered to attend anger management classes and i

if your name starts with T.

That’s the one that I really can’t stand.

A make-up for snubbing his Pluto Nash performance!

I want to smack her in the nose with them.

Are these people really important to you?

Have a bad credit rating and you want to borrow some money.

Can chocolate be healthy?

Captain Feathersword's companion. Image from Wikimedia Commons



One Response to “Captain Feathersword”

  1. argumentativeoldgit Says:

    If you can have aleatory music, why not aleatory verse? Yes – it’s definitely a poem. And a damn fine one, if you ask me.

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