The list of subscribers to William Boyce’s Twelve Sonatas for Two Violins, with a Bass for the Violoncello or Harpsicord, published in London in 1747 by John Walsh (RISM A/I, B 1474), included:

The Right Honourable the Lady Harriot Beard.
Miſs Blofeld of Norwich.
Mr Fenwick Bull.
Sir William Codrington, Bart.
Richard Crop, Eſq.
Andrew Craſs, Eſq.
Hammond Croſs, Eſq.
John Cocks, Eſq.
Captain Crump.
Mr Crome. Four Sets.
Mrs Bourchier Cleve.
Mr Potts Crookenden, for the Muſical Society at Great Yarmouth.
Mr Moſes Mendas Da Coſta.
Mr Martin Eelking.
Marmaduke Fothergill, Eſq. Two Sets.
The Reverend Mr Fraigneau, Greek Profeſſor and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Mr Tench Francis of Philadelphia.
Mr Palmer Firmin.
John Geekie, junior, Eſq.
Mr Starling Goodwin, Organiſt of St. Mary Magdalen Bermondſey.
The Reverend Sir Philip Hobby, Bart. Dublin.
Sir Joſeph Hankey, Knight, and Alderman of London.
Dr. Heinakin.
Mr Sheffield Howard of New-York.
Mr John Zephaniah Holwell.
Mr John Hippeſly, Comedian.
Mr John Johnſon, Cheapſide. Twenty-ſix Sets. [John Johnson owned a music shop]
Sir Atwill Lake, Bart.
Fiſher Littleton, Eſq.
Beeſton Long, Eſq.
Mrs Marten.
Mrs Maſon.
Miſs Marten.
Carew Mildmay, Eſq.
Mr William Mackiliken
Mr Maſon.
Mr Mainwaring.
Mr William Mawhood.
Miſs Nelmes of Wooton-underedge, Glouceſterſhire.
George Nangle, Eſq.
Miſs Peekie of Lincoln.
German Pole, Eſq.
Mr Pemberword of the Cathedral at Worceſter.
Mr Port.
Mr Horace Pine.
Capt. George Twiſleton Riſdale.
Mr Walter Rainſtorp, junior.
Mr Walter Roſewarne of Truro in Cornwall.
Mr Cuthbert Ridley, Organiſt of Preſtbury in Cheſhire.
Miſs Kitty Schyler of New-York.
William Scroggs, Eſq.
Mr Barrows Smith
Mr Thomas Sanden, Comptroller of the Cuſtoms at Chicheſter.
Mr Andrew Solinus.
Mr Sells, Harpſicord Maker.
Mr Valentine Scott.
Mr Torrent, Fellow of Merton-College, Cambridge. [sic]
Mr Peter Tibal.
Mr Walter Thong of New-York.
The Reverend Mr Frettwell Vandernan.
The Reverend Mr Thomas Warneford, A.M. Rector of Bagpath, Glouceſterſhire.
Mr John Wright, Dancing Maſter to the Royal Academy at Portſmouth.
Mr Waylet.
Mr Zinke.


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