Song without words

Apologies for my recent silence on these pages. My mind has been more than usually empty of late, and I entreat you to believe me when I write that silence is preferable to verbal diarrhoea — or, indeed, any kind of diarrhoea. It’s not pleasant, I hope we can agree on that at any rate.

But here is a little piano piece I wrote when I was (I think) 15. I was certainly 15 when I made this recording, in March 1999. I realise now that it’s a song without words. I used to have words for some of it, but they weren’t good words, so it’s better in this manifestation.


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3 Responses to “Song without words”

  1. bookishnature Says:

    That’s really lovely, Gareth! A beautiful, poignant echo from your past… (thanks so much for visiting my blog; fantastic to “see” you, and to land here in response. I love your blog. So much to explore!)

    Funnily enough, my daughter is 15 now, and is studying for her Grade 7 violin. She plays in the county youth orchestra and they often perform pieces composed by their members. When their conductor received the latest offering by email, he felt exhausted just at the thought of conducting it (it went at about 200 beats a minute!). When he asked the lad who’d composed it why it was so fast – he said he’d composed it for a GCSE project, and as it hadn’t fitted the exam board’s two minute time limit, he sped it up until it did! Seems like a perfectly valid solution when you’re fifteen, I suppose! The conductor amended the tempo, and it sounded great at their latest concert!

    Great to catch up, Gareth! Hope you’re well.


  2. Gareth Says:

    Lovely to hear from you! and apologies for the belated response – I have been on holiday. I think I entered this piece for GCSE, but I’m not sure if it was submitted – you had to compile a portfolio of 3 or 4 pieces, and I think my teacher removed one of my pieces at her discretion because she thought it was stronger without…

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog, but it’s one of my favourites. I should have contributed something to your recent post on butterflies. I fell in love with butterflies when we did a project on them in school when I was about 7 or 8, and taught myself quite a lot about them. My favourite initially was the Small Tortoiseshell, but it was later overtaken in my affections by the Comma, which I used to spot in our local park in the summer (Welshmill Park in Frome). I assumed until recently that it was called the Comma because of the curly outline of its wings, but in fact it’s because of a small white comma-shaped mark on the underside of the wing. Living in Somerset, we had occasional holidays in Devon, and I remember returning from Buckfast Butterfly Farm with a Small Tortoiseshell mounted in a plastic case. Occasionally I took it out of its case to stroke its silky wings, but eventually it fell apart. Very Nabokovian. Nowadays I much prefer them alive.

    • bookishnature Says:

      Lovely to find your reply when I returned home, Gareth (I’ve been on holiday too!) So glad you like the blog – it’s in limbo a bit during the summer holidays, but should get going again when term starts. As for contributing comments – there’s no should about it at all. Please don’t feel any obligation. Life’s so busy for everyone. I’m just so glad to know you’ve visited and enjoyed some of my ramblings! The like button is quite a bonus (words so often slip away from me nowadays – unlike former days!)

      Really interesting to hear about your butterfly adventures. The Comma is a favourite of mine too. So delicate and sculptural – and I love its bouncing flight and flash of orange on the wing. The white comma on the underside of its wing looks so startling against the dark background. Beautiful!

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