End-of-year reading meme

Happy New Year one and all!

I did this a year ago and I’m doing it again. Enjoy (if you want).

How many books read in 2012?


Male/Female authors?
57/16 (more equal than last year, but still something that may require attending to)

Favourite book read?
Let’s say Gulliver’s Travels, for argument’s sake

Gulliver's Travels

Least favourite?
There have been a few duds but no absolute stinkers this year. In terms of effort expended and awards recouped, though, I’m afraid I must name Wolf Hall as my biggest struggle. Not the worst book I read this year, but just not for me. Perhaps I’m simply out of sympathy with the Booker judges, as The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson was also very much in the running. A disappointment, particularly given how much I’ve loved his other novels, but it had the mercy of being less long-winded than the Mantel.

Oldest book read?
Twelfth Night beats Macbeth by a year or two.

Newest book read?
I read David Mitchell’s (comedian) memoir Back Story as soon as it came out. Lovely, it was.

Longest book title?
Martin Ashley’s How High Should Boys Sing? Gender, Authenticity and Credibility in the Young Male Voice beats Douglas Snauffer’s The Show Must Go On: How the Deaths of Lead Actors Have Affected Television Series by five letters.

Shortest book title?
Robin (Catherine Storr), Flute (Richard Adeney) and Spent (Joe Matt) are tied on five letters each. A disparate trio.

How many re-reads?
Last year, two; this year, nine: Macbeth and Twelfth Night, old favourites The Great Gatsby, Le Grand Meaulnes, Young Törless, Pride and Prejudice and Death in Venice, and school books revisited Golden Girls (Louise Page) and A Fox Under My Jacket (Harriet Graham).

Most books read by a single author?
5 (Armistead Maupin), 4 (Alexander McCall Smith), 3 (Muriel Spark, P.G. Wodehouse).

Any in translation?
3. Oh dear. And nothing I hadn’t read before, although one of them was a new translation. Alain-Fournier, Mann and Musil.

How many books were borrowed from the library?

Best blog recommendation?
I’m sure it was reading about the book on blogs that prompted me to try Michael Cunningham’s By Nightfall, which I found beautiful.

By Nightfall

I had no clue what was going on:
Take a bow, Wolf Hall.

Favourite character encountered this year:
Captain Cuttle! HOOROAR!!


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