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2 Responses to “Found this month”

  1. bookishnature Says:

    Fantastic! I love this! Looking at the cover and title, the mind starts wondering if it was chosen in recognition of some kind of great travel feat performed by May (Mary? – can’t quite decipher the writing) each week in order to achieve her ‘regular attendance’ at the Ridgeway Wesleyan Sunday School! Do hope she wasn’t regularly chased by roaring flames – though side-saddle rides of derring-do would be a fabulous way to arrive at Sunday School!

  2. aubrey Says:

    What beautiful colors and patterns! Still so strong and fresh!

    I love the image – a vision of the splendid riding habits the ladies wore; dramatic silhouettes drawn by tightlacing and whalebone. But the drama is made even more intense by the flames surrounding her; she is in such a fever to escape (or perhaps to be a messenger of warning?) that her chignon has come undone and her veil trails behind her.

    This must have been such a stirring book for May – perhaps inspiring her to ambitions beyond the tea parties and husbands her mother had planned for her!

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