Lost and found

The latest in a series of posts featuring things I’ve found lying around (generally in the library) that have not been claimed by their rightful owners. A greeting card. I won’t post the image from the front because I don’t own the copyright, but it’s not particularly attractive so you’re not missing much.


Dear Claire

Not much to report, I just thought this card was quite respectable for the Post Office, so I bought it. Reminds me of a New Order cover.

Having quite a shit day, but it’s nearly over, so that’s something. Band practice later. This card is boring isn’t it? I’d better stop.

See you shortly


David xxx


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2 Responses to “Lost and found”

  1. blakeajax Says:

    I once found a postcard about opera, with a picture of Sonny and Cher on the front, in a copy of Bill Burgwinkle’s ‘Sodomy, Masculinity and Law’.

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