By Hook

The 2,000+ songs composed by popular English composer James Hook (1746-1827) included:

  • The Beau’s of the year ninety nine
  • Black-ey’d Fanny
  • Come buy my water cresses
  • The celebrated Crying and Laughing song
  • The Dying Negro
  • Fanny of the Hill
  • The Female Cavalier
  • The Female Cryer
  • The Female Hunter
  • Fill fill my friend the foaming bowl
  • The Flitch of Bacon
  • The grand summum bonum’s a bumper of wine
  • Guess if you can which is the man
  • Hark forward! Tantivy huzza!
  • Hoot away ye loon
  • Hymen’s Evening Post
  • I thought it was queer
  • The little waist defended
  • Lowland Willy
  • The Monster!
  • Muirland Willy
  • No waist at all
  • Parliamenteering
  • The Press Gang forc’d my love to go
  • Some wives are good
  • Sweet Nan of Hampton Green
  • There’s nae luck about the house
  • Willy far away
  • Willy’s rare and Willy’s fair
  • Wine and Kisses

200 years later, a descendant:


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