Now we are six

Nearly six

I don’t know what the average life expectancy of any new blog is, but six years is presumably above the average. Today is the sixth birthday of this one. If you’re still reading, thank you. During that time, I hope that I have become at least an older writer, if not a better one.

Most of the people who visit this blog, I suspect, are not regulars. An inspection of the stats kindly provided by WordPress shows that a large amount of the traffic comes from search engines, and that the most common search terms over the years by some considerable margin have been ‘river phoenix’ (2,840 referrals), ‘maltesers’ (2,279) and ‘questions about reading’ (1,336). The first two are explicable by there being pictures of them on this blog that appear high up in Google Image Search results. The third relates to a questionnaire about reading habits that I stole from somewhere else.

The further down the list one goes, as you might expect, the more specific and abstruse the search terms become. Hence the following:

timm thaler (222)
sunken eyes (166)
bella emberg (146)
football in the groin (45)
sputnik sweetheart (45)
salmon gutter (29)
sunken forehead (25)
you have selected regicide (23)
angular nose (19)
boys transformed into girls (17)
bob holness (15)
cooked cabbage (15)
le grand meaulnes (15)
trouble house halt (14)
captain feathersword (13)
the gashlycrumb tinies (12)
lily of the valley (10)
river fenix (10)
givenchy aftershave (9)
sex farm for sex hookers (9)
lady agatha d’ascoyne (8)
threesomes (7)
bear cub (7)
squirrel shitting (7)
ret woren ok spoz on natt ut vett (7)

Why the squirrel, I wonder; but in fact I think I’d rather not know. There are jewels, though, even among the dregs.

gay boys blackadder (3)
handy hock german (3)
john virgo wiki (3)
jenny agutter in the house of whipcord (3)
i keep telling you we just grow sorghum here (2)
is hyperion a good cd label (2)
valediction of choristers (2)
little paris chat (2)
the simpsons when home simpsons gets in the bath and then when bart simpsons backs a chair on him video (2)
film set in australia about a girl and her brother who are lost after their father commits suicide, and are helped by an aboriginal boy (2)
simpsons genitals withered and useless from tv (2)
smoke bollards the man’s cigarette (1)
bbc boi bitch (1)
on ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur (1)
when would you expect a piece by claude debussy to have been composed (1)
what is the meaning of giving mugets on 1st may (1)
you must excuse my hands i’ve just been stripping a tall boy (1)
sex machine chair (1)
films where girl and boy are somewhere by themselves (1)

Six more years! And let’s make the inventory of search terms an annual event. Something to look forward to.


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